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As many already know I have passed the "Baton" of Head Coach over to Holly Laverick at the AGM.
There will obviously be a learning curve for Holly and some letting go for me.  Please be patient and open to the changes that will come which, hopefully, will take the club into the future more prepared to tackle the ever changing gymnastic rules and regulations.

~Saturday 4th October 2014~
Southern Region Levels
It was a mixed day for our girls at the Southern Region Levels on Saturday.  The day started at 9am for Esme Jefferson who was competing against 26 other gymnasts from across the Southern region at level 5 out of age 9-10 year old. Esme was in very good spirits and had respectable results for the hours our girls train compared to other clubs in the region.  Her best results were 7th on Vault and 11th on Beam and placed 20th over all.
    Next up was Olivia Webb, who was competing at level 4 out of age 10-11 years old.  Olivia came in positive but showing a bit of nerves.  Again, Olivia held her own against the competition and placed 6th on Vault, 21st on Bars and placed 28th overall out of a field of 36.
    Our top gymnasts competing at Level 4 out of age 12+ age group were, Rushani Arumugham, Christy Llewellyn and Kitty Holt. Well done to Kitty who had the best overall score for our girls placing 13th out of a field of 17.  Rushani placed 4th on Vault and 13th on Bars but sadly, nerves got the best of her beam routine causing several falls.  Christy was consistant throughout placing 14th on 3 out of the four pieces.  Overall placings for Kitty, Christy and Rushani was 13th, 14th and 15th respectively.

Good Day for our girls at Oxfordshire's Recreation Floor and Vault competition on Sunday 11th May at Abingdon Gymnastics Club.
     On the vault in the age 10 and under groups, Anna, Bella, Alice and Zoe all received a Bronze Ribbon, Anna was 0.1 from a Silver Ribbon. In the 11 and over age groups Even and Felicity both scored 12.0 placing 4th and receiving Gold Ribbons, Kate scored 11.1 and a Bronze Ribbon, missing Silver by 0.1. A special mention for both Chloe Gibbons and Lily Connor who were only entered 2 weeks before and were competing for the first time and very nervous did really well, Chloe scoring 10.0 and Lily 10.2 and getting Bronze Ribbons.
     The results for Floor were equally impressive with a 2 winning Gold Ribbons and 2 Silver Ribbon. In the 11+ age groups competing the harder Routine C Eve Linfoot was just knocked into 4th place by a 0.1 but still won a Gold Ribbon.  The other Gold Ribbon on Floor was won by Bella Couzens who placed 4th just 0.2 behind 3rd.  Our two Silver Ribbon winners were in  the 11+ groups Routine C, Felicity Maiden who over rotated her back somersault and fell losing the bonus points. And in the 10 and under age group doing Routine A, was Anna Couzens who placed 8th.  Bronze Ribbons were awarded to Kate, Chloe, Lily, Zoe and Alice.
     Now that our 4 newbies, Alice, Zoe, Chloe and Lily have experienced their first county competition and have seen what it's all about, I'm sure they will now work even harder to try and improve for the next competition.

Congratulations girls, Well Done to ALL!  A wonderfull day with excellent results.  The hard work by both gymnasts and coaches paid off with all girls passing their relevant grade.  A special mention for Olivia Webb Grade 12 score 42.15, Jodie Fisher Grade 12 score 40.50, Hannah Porter Grade 13 score 55.85 and Simona Hekimova Grade 14 score 57.6 all qualifying for Southern Region Grades 14 -9 finals on April 13, 2014 at Basingstoke Gymnastics Club.  We also had two girls winning their place on the podium, Olivia Webb 3rd overall grade 12 and Hannah Porter 2nd overall grade 13.  Simona Passed with a Distinction and came 4th overall Grade 14.
Well done Alex Webb for passing the Club Judge Exam!  It is always good to have a judge onboard to help develope routines that, hopefully, will not encur too many deductions. 

Loads of Medals and goodies for girls
A good day at The Annual International Roses Invitational at Spalding.  Anna Couzens, Bella Couzens, Ellie-May Honour and Amy Willis were competing out of house for the first time and ALL did really well competing in the TEA ROSE level. Shania, Felicity, Eve, Emilyand Jodie (guest from Dunstable GC) competed in the new ROYAL ROSE level all coming home with medals but Emily was on form and won a medal on all 4 pieces that she competed.  Rushani, Kitty, Amy and Alice were competing in the MOSS ROSE level, which is for county competitive level gymnasts, and all came home with at least 1 medal.  Rushani shining with 3 gold medals and Kitty after her sister Emily winning 4 was under presure and met the challenge and won 4 medals.
All gymnasts were presented with the compulsory Red Rose, colour certificate, chocolates and a commemorative YO-YO.

Yvette's development group take top places on podium for Grade 14 at Oxfordshire's Club Grades

Olivia Whittingham, 55.80pts 1st place Grade 14 Oxon Champion
Millie Couzens, 55.60pts, 2nd place
Esme Jefferson, 55.0pts, 3rd place
Hannah Porter, 53.00pts, 5th place (score after R&C retake 55.0pts)
Jodie Fisher, scored 51.4pts, Grade 13, for 5th place

Brilliant Results for all four gymnasts who competed in the Spalding European Invitational on Sunday 18 November.
Felicity,  Gold on Vault, Silver on Bars and Tumble
Eve, Gold on Tumble, Bronze on Trampette.
Shania, Bronze on Vault, Bronze on Beam.
Abbi, Bronze on both Trampette and Tumble

Oxfordshire_County_2_PieceWell Done to all of the squad gymnasts who competed at the Oxfordshire County Individual Apparatus Competition at Abingdon Gymnastics Club on Sunday 11th November.
9 Medals were earned across the levels.

The only Gold on the day went to Rushani who scored 11.95 for her lovely Vault, Level 5 OOA.  Kitty Holt performed one her best Beam routines earning her the Silver medal, Level 5 OOA.  Also in the Level 5 OOA group was Alice Walder who took Bronze for her tidy Bar routine. In 4th place was Amy Gould who was only 0.15pts behind the 3rd place gymnast.
There were 2 Bronze medals in Level 4.  Tobi Stevens placed 3rd on Vault L4 junior and Olivia Stock placed 3rd on Vault L4 senior. Heidi Gilje was 0.15 behinnd Tobi on Vault placing 4th.
Our level 3 OOA gymnasts, Amy Chapman won bornze for her Vault and Katie Harris Silver on Beam.  Level 2 OOAS Amy Deller won Silver on both Vault and Beam.


Saturday 10th November 2012 the club held it's  recreational  level Floor and Vault in house competition
This  was the first for many years and was organised by Susan with the help of a couple of the new mum's.  The day was a great success!  Well  done team!  Above are some of the podium photos from the day.
Full results will be posted later.
A good day at the county Championships, on June 17th 2012, with 5 of our gymnasts qualifying for the Southern Regional Finals in September.
A special mention for Alice Walder who was our only medal winner on the day placing 2nd for a Silver medal at Level 5 in her age group.

Rosette Awards
Congratulations to all the recreational level gymnast for achieving their first club rosette. 

I will try and get some photos loaded in the new year. 

Oxfordshire Individual Apparatus Competition 2011


Great results from all the gymnasts who competed Sunday 13 November at Phoenix Gymnastics club Maidenhead. 

Amy Chapman had very respectable results at the Southern Regional Finals at Portsmouth.

Giving 110% effort Amy performed the best floor tumbles I have seen her do and a very clean and tidy A-Bar routine.  The bar routine was so powerful that her dismount was above the high bar causing her to over rotate and ending in a fall but apart from that a lovely routine. 

Amy did very well to place 15th out of all the level 3 junior gymnasts in the Southern Region.

Amy Chapman qualifies for Southern Region Levels Finals

Development Squad Gymnasts Qualify for Southern Regional Grades

Six of our Development Squad gymnasts have qualified for the Southern Region Grade Club Grades 14 & 13. 
Christy Llewellyn placed a respectable 3rd with a score of 51.80 at Grade 13.  Placing 5th, was Orlaith Lyford with a score of 50.75 and in 8th place was Olivia Stock.  The top 8 gymnasts qualified for region.  Gymnasts had to score a minimum of 9pts on the Range and Conditioning to pass, but were allowed to retake the R&C if they scored at least 8.50 pts.  Tobi Stevens retook her R&C and managed to turn an 8.5 score into a 10.45 on the second go giving her a total of 50.85 but not able to go to region.  Had she managed this the first time Tobi would have knocked Orlaith into 6th and Olivia out of the top 8.

At Grade 14 Amy Gould placed 3rd with a fantastic score of 57.40, Rushani Arumugham placed 4th scoring 55.45, Kitty Holt placed 5th with a score of 54.90 sadly, Alice Walder had to resit her Range and Conditioning increasing her score from 55.35 to 56.05 and 9th place.

Christy is unable to attend the Southern Region due to other commitments so Orlaith and Olivia will be representing Bicester at Grade 13 and Amy, Rushani and Kitty at Grade 14.   


Medals for all four at European Invitational !

Amy Chapman, Annabelle Clifton, Jess Pitts and Georgie Long were up against some very tough competition from clubs around the country.  The competition was hard and we had a few mistakes but the girls did really well.

All the gymnasts were competing in the Athens level where Georgie won Gold for a simple beam routine but tidy and without any falls.  She also won a Silver for her round-off straight half on Trampette.  Jess won Gold for her tumble of round-off, flic, straight half.  Annabelle won a Bronze for her round-off straight back on trampette and Amy a Bronze for her 1/2 on 1/2 off Vault.

Well done girls!


Oxon8UNov2010a8 and Under Teams Success

Due to traffic coming out of Bicester two of the team members didn't have a chance to warm up prior to competing but still managed to perform to a reasonable standand.

We had two team Bronzes on Floor and Vault and 1 team Silver on Bars.

Well done Teams! and Coaches

Photo: Back: Yvette, Maya. Front: Alice, Rushani, Amy, Kitty.

Well done and Thank You Sarah Chapman!  This competition was just as nerve racking for Sarah as it was for the young gymnasts, it was Sarah's first time at judging a proper competition since qualifying a few weeks ago. 

Both of the club's new judges have now put one competition under their belts.  Camilla was tricked into judging Vault on her own
(we thought she was judging with another judge)on Sunday 7th November at Wantage's Club Championships and has volunteered to judge for small club competition at Wheatley on the 26th November. 


 New Club Judges for Bicester Gymnastic Club

After a  few weeks of stress about learning deductions, symbols, and confusing rules, there was a big sigh of relief when we were told everyone had passed their practical exam with more than 80%.  We only had to pass the theory exam.  We all  had an hour to wait before we knew the results.  I think we were all dreading the final results, yes even me who has previously passed with a distinction. 

Well done Sarah Chapman, Amy's mum and Camilla Leech, Phoebe Clowe's mum!  They both actually scored higher on their theory than me. 


A Good Day at County Individual Apparatus Competition 17 Oct 2010

The day started with our young Level 5 Seniors Olivia Stock and Tessa McCormack with the toughest round of the day as there were 10 competitors on both Vault and Beam.  Though not getting a medal both girls did really well for their first county level competition.

We had 3 girls at Level 5 Junior, Christy Llewellyn, Orlaith Lyford and Tobi Stev
ens.  Again,
the level 5's were many but Tobi managed a Bronze medal for her tidy beam routine with no falls and a respectable 5th on Vault 
Well done!  Orliath was very close to getting on the podium with 4th place on both Vault and Beam.

At Level 4 Juniors, Amy Chapman had a FANTASTIC DAY! Amy won AmyChapman-Bar_Trophy_GymnasticsIndApp2010Gold for her 1/2 on 1/2 off Vault and Silver for her A-bar routine where she performed her Straight Backway dismount for the first time in competition. Amy also won the Bar Trophy for all the levels with the highest start value with the least deductions.

Level 4 Seniors produced another Gold for Emily Harris for her floor routine.  Emily has worked hard to finally get this medal.  Her sister Katie won Bronze not for her beam which, were expecting but for her Vault which was her weaker piece.  Well done to both girls.

Amy_Deller_Flic_Beam_resizeLevel 3 combined Junior and Seniors produced the most medals for Bicester on the day with Georgie Long, Gemma Sole and Jess Pitts getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively on Vault.  Jess also won a Bronze for her A-bars.  Amy Deller had a cracking day with a Gold on Floor and Silver on Beam.


Susan brings Veteran's 30+ title home.


On Saturday 2nd October 2010, Susan Blunsden switched from coach to gymnast to return to the competition floor at this years British Veteran's Competition.  Susan and her sister, Carrie-Anne were competing in the Recreational 30+ age group.

After missing last year due to injury Susan was determined to reclaim the title which she had held for the two previous years.  I received a text message at 2:10 pm saying "The crown is back where it belongs!"

I didn't know who the text was from or what it meant until Monday at our training session when Susan told me it was her text.  Susan won Gold and Carrie-Anne Bronze. 

Both young ladies also competed tramploine where Carrie-Anne placed second and Susan 3rd, a fantastic result for the "Old Gals".

Full Results

At our recent AGM Laura Honey was voted in as the club's new Chairman (Chairperson)


A lot has happened in the past few months. We have had great success at the Oxfordshire County championships on June 11th. Then we had two teams compete at Carterton on June 26th closely followed by a small entry of 4 recreational gymnasts in the annual Roses competition at Bletchley on the 4th of July.

Bicester had a good result at the Oxfordshire county Championships with Jess Pitts placing 2nd in the OOA Level 3, Amy Deller placing 3rd and Chloe Banks 4th. In the OOA Level 4 Junior we had Amy Chapman place 3rd and at Level 4 Senior Annabelle Clifton placed 4th. All qualifing for the Southern Regional Finals on July 11th.

The girls were all happy to get into the finals but were not really expecting to manage scores high enough to earn a place on the podium. The extra training prior to the final paid off. Amy Champman placed 3rd for her Beam winning a bronze medal. Annabelle placed 3rd for her beam at level 4 senior also winning a bronze. Jess was on and off the beam 4 times so gave up her chances of a medal on beam but performed her 1/2 on 1/2 off vault with little deductions earning her 3rd place and a bronze medal.
Yvette and Maya took Rushani Arumugham, Kitty Holt, Amy Gould and Alice Walder to Carterton Gymnastics Club on Saturday 26th June for their first 8 and Under County League Competition. The girls made up two teams competing against Cartertons teams. Rushani and Kitty placed 2nd for their Range and Conditioning and Amy and Alice placed 3rd for their Flatback Vaults. They will be competing in the last of this years league on 13th November.
Glenn took 4 of the clubs Advanced Recreational gymnasts to this years Annual Arabian Gymnastics Club's Roses invitational at Milton Keynes. Again we were unsure what the competition was going to be like and were not expecting the results we got, 13 medals. Lea McLaughlin was true to form and performed better in the competition than she does at trainingn and hauled in the medals. Glenn jokingly advised that she probably needed to call for an Armoured truck to take her home. Lea won 4 Golds and a Silver. Katie Midson did well winning 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. Tammy Burdett won a Gold and a Silver and last but not least Emily Whiteley won a Silver and a Bronze. Fantastic results!

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