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ROUND 1.      TEA ROSE:     REGISTRATION: 08:15am   FINISH approx. 10:00am
ROUND 3.      WILD ROSE:  REGISTRATION:11:05am     FINISH approx. 2:00pm
ROUND 4.      MOSS ROSE: REGISTRATION: 1:55pm     FINISH approx. 4:10pm

Help with equipment set-up

Saturday mornings
There is a lot of equipment to set out on Saturdays and we have been struggling to get it all set out by 9:30 when we are due to start training. The more volunteers we have come in by 9:00am the sooner we can get set out and the gymnasts can get their full session of training. If we get set out early gymnast could benefit from the possibility of starting early. [25-1-15]
Since the change in training times on Mondays and Thursdays we have lost bodies to help set out equipment.

We only have a few very young gymnast who come in at 5:15pm now so we would like some volunteers to come in and help set out the equipment on Mondays and Thursdays at 5:15pm.  This will give the gymnast more time to train and will help on a health and safety stand point.

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